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Sometimes OptFlux performance may slow down after several operations, e.g optimizations.
This slow down can be avoided by changing a parameter in the OptFlux configuration and allowing the application to use more resources from the machine.

  • Currently OptFlux is using 1Gb of your machine memory. You can increase to 2Gb by replacing a single file by this one ->
  • If you have a 32bit machine we do not advise this procedure.

Manual change[edit]

You can also manually change how much memory you want to allow OptFlux to use.
This can be done by changing a property in the main.conf file.


  • Open the main.conf file with NotePad or another text editor.


  • Find the -Xmx text and replace 1024m by the desired value.

Possible values:

  • 2048m (2 Gigabytes)
  • 2g (2 Gigabytes)
  • 3g (3 Gigabytes)
  • 4g (4 Gigabytes)