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To begin the creation of a new project, you have to start the New Project wizard available through the File Menu or the Toolbar.


You have the option to create a new project from several different sources/formats.

The first step of the New Project Wizard corresponds to the specification of the project name, and choosing a OptFlux Reader. The reader is what allows OptFlux to read a model from a given source/format.


Each reader has it's own way to build the project. That can be done using a defined number of files (depending on the format), or they may have another type of source. Additionally some readers may have a configuration step, where the user needs to input some configurations in order to make possible the correct reading of the files/source of the model.

For more specific information on the readers check OptFlux Readers.

After deciding the reader and files/source for the metabolic model, it may be necessary to define/identify drains.
For more specific information on the readers check Drains.

Finally OptFlux automatically tries to find the biomass growth associated flux, since this information is essential for both simulation and optimization procedures. If the flux OptFlux detects isn't the correct one, the user can manually select the desired flux.


In the end just click finish and a new project will be added to the clipboard!