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Since the release of OptFlux 3.3.0 the workspace of previous version became deprecated and are not loaded by this or recent versions.
The Serialization Plugin was developed for the OptFlux 3.2 version to garantee the backward compatible of pre-3.3.0 workspaces with newer OptFlux versions.
This plugin can convert most of the workspace items that OptFlux v3.2 can generate. (Check not backward compatible items)

  • Backup the workspace before performing the conversion.


Before installing the 3.3.0 version, there are two ways to have the Serialization4OptFlux plugin.


Install the 3.2.10 version if you don't want to perform updates on your current version of OptFlux.
In this version all the plugins, along with the Serialization4OptFlux, will already be installed.

  • Download link here.


Install the 3.2.7 version of OptFlux and perform all updates, the Serialization4OptFlux plugin can be installed through the repository manager operation.


After the restart check if the plugin is installed by opening the Repository Manager.

  • Special Case: Sometimes some plugins may be disabled which results in a disabled Serialization Plugin. If that happens make sure all plugins are enabled.


If all the plugins are installed and enabled the Serialization Plugin will also be enabled and the Repository Manager will be present like the following image


How to Use[edit]

Convert Workspace[edit]

Clipboard must have at least one project to enable operation.

  • Projects can be either open or closed.


Select File -> Workspace -> Convert Workspace...

The Convert Workspace window will be present.
Select a folder that will be the workspace folder for the OptFlux v3.3 or newer.

  • Folder must be empty.


If everything went as expected the converter will present a successful message similar to the following image.


Special cases[edit]

Since there are some items that are not backward compatible the converter will not present the previous successfull message.
For that cases a message similar to the following image is present.

  • In this particular case the TNA items were not successfull converted.


Workspace after conversion[edit]

After a successfull conversion the new workspace will only be loaded by OptFlux v3.3 or newer and it will be similar to the original workspace.

  • The following image represents the converted workspace loaded by the OptFlux 3.3.0 version.